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    Contact Numbers (Hoshangabad)

    Archbishop's House

    33 Ahmedabad Palace Road

    Bhopal 462 001 MP, INDIA

    Phone: 0755-2540829, 4234903

    Fax & Tel: 0755-2544737

    Email: archdiocebpl@gmail.com

      Place Name Telephone Mobile Email
    Babai A: St. John Church 07574-259066
    Babai San Jose convent 07574-259060
    Babai St Johns Co-ed school 07574-259060
    Bankhedi Church of Mary Immaculate 07576-228442
    Bankhedi karuna Nilaya convent (MSMI) 07576-228453
    Bankhedi St. Marys Convent HS School 07576-228443
    Budini St. Francis Convent School 0764-235055,9425677765 fransbudini@yahoo.co.in
    Budini St. Francis Convent 09425677765 fransbudini@yahoo.co.in
    Fatehpur A: St. Alphonsas Church 07576-294498
    Fatehpur Kripa Sagar Convent 07576-280006,09685540701
    Fatehpur Kripa Sagar Dispensary 07576-280006,09685540701
    Fatehpur Kripa Sagar High School (Hindi Medium) 07576-294498,09893001223
    Fatehpur Kripa Sagar Hostel for Boys and Girls 07576-294498
    Handia Catholic Mission
    hoshangabad Infant Jesus Church 07574-257721 infantjesushbad@gmail.com
    hoshangabad Servite Convent 07574-257685 servitehbd@gmail.com
    hoshangabad Servite Convent Hr. Sec. School 07574-257935 scshbd@yahoo.com
    hoshangabad Servite Technical Industry 07574-257685,09425668973
    hoshangabad St. Joseph FC Convent 07574-257832 sjfcconvent@gmail.com
    Hoshangabad St. Josephs Hospital 07574-257835,257547 sjfcconvent@gmail.com
    hoshangabad St. Josephs Nurses Training Centre 07574-257547 stjosephs.con@gmail.com
    Hoshangabad St. Charles Convent 07574-255173 principalscs@gmail.com
    Hoshangabad St. Charles Hr. Sec. Hindi Medium School 07574-255173 principalscs@gmail.com
    Hoshangabad St. Charles Sr. Sec. English Medium School 07574-255173 principalscs@gmail.com
    Itarsi A: Church of Sacred Heart 07572-236450 catholicchurchitarsi@gmail.com
    Itarsi St. Josephs Convent 07572-240540 itsj15@rediffmail.com
    Itarsi St. Josephs Convent Hr. Sec. School 07572-235582 sjcitarsi08@rediffmail.com
    Itarsi Jivan Vikas Kendra 07572-240382
    Itarsi Jeevodaya 07572-236191
    Itarsi Little Flower Convent 09685808228
    Itarsi St. Marys Co-ed School 07572-242602, 08085344811 stmarypr3itarsi@gmail.com
    Itarsi Little Flower Convent School 09589937166 ifsitarsy@gmail.com
    Nagpur Kala St Annes Convent 07572-242703 beni21mec@yahoo.co.in
    Nagpur Kala Church of Our Lady of Fatima 07572-262971
    Pachmarhi Annunciation Catholic Church 07578-252112
    Pachmarhi Assisi Noviciate 07578-252158
    Pachmarhi Assisi Postulants House 07578-252158
    Pachmarhi Carmel Mount-Novitiate 07578-252109,09479527551 pachmarhicmc11@rediffmail.com
    Pachmarhi Dominican Fathers 07578-252995
    Pachmarhi Sangeet Sadhana Mandir 07578-252447
    Pachmarhi St. Joseph Convent 07578-252061
    Pachmarhi St. Josephs Noviciate 07578-252080, 8989094924 shubhacsj@yahoo.in
    Pachmarhi St. Josephs Provincialate 07578-252498, 8989094924 foxrock@rediffmail.com
    Pachmarhi St. Joseph Sevika Sanstha 07578-252558
    Pachmarhi Panorama 9425058174
    Pipariya A: St. Peters Church 07576-222297
    Pipariya St. Josephs Sr. Sec. School 07576-222297 st_jschool@yahoo.co.in
    Pipariya St. Josephs Convent 07576-222235 lissy1954@gmail.com
    Seoni-Malwa St. Augustine Church 07570-220646,200308
    Sohagpur A: St. Patricks Church 07575-278225,278120
    Sohagpur St. Patricks Hr. Sec. School 07575-278120
    Sohagpur Ursuline Convent 07509849771
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