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    CCBI 29th Plenary Assembly Day V

    “To bear difficulties and troubles for others is the identity of Christian.”- -

              --Archbishop Bernard Morris

                Archbishop of Bangaluru Bernard Morris reminded the Cardinals, Bishops and the faithful that “Taking trouble and difficulties for one another is the identity of a Christian and no Christian should shirk away from this duty.”

                In his sermon during the Eucharistic Celebration at the Assumption church, Arera colony Bhopal the Church prelate said, “Those who believe in Jesus do not plan up their lives according to the arithmetic gains or profits but rather their life is founded on the ‘Beatitudes’ of Jesus who said, “Blessed are the poor, meek, righteous, merciful, pure, peacemaker”.  To become virtuous in accordance with Jesus’ teaching require inner human courage and conviction.” 

                He cautioned the community not to imitate the modern popular world which is driven by the arithmetic sense of profit and utility.  This selfish attitude has reduced the man to a commodity which is to be used and thrown.  The virtues of compassion and forgiveness are fast becoming rare phenomena.

                In the afternoon the church prelates went for an exposure to Ashta, Sanchi and various places in Bhopal. 

                In the reception at the Archbishop’s House, hosted in honour of Mayor Mr. Alok Sharma, the Archbishop of Bhopal Leo Cornelio applauded the grand efforts of Mr. Alok Sharma in creating a clean and green Bhopal city.

                Mr. Alok Sharma too honoured the church prelates by giving them flowers and  shawls.  He thanked them for coming to the city of lakes Bhopal for their national conference.  He congratulated them for choosing a relevant and sensitive theme such as “Family”.  Expressing his opinion on the ‘family’ the Mayor said, “Family is our first school where we learn the fundamentals of the life.  A good family is good omen for the whole nation.  Hence ensuring a virtues family amounts to nation building.”


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