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    Archdiocese of Bhopal celebrated - Doctors Day on 1 July 2017 at PR Office, Pastoral centre, Bhopal. The celebration and discussion in the form of a seminar was lasted for three hours. Archbishop Most Rev. Leo Cornelio complimenting the dedicated service of the doctors said in his address “Doctors need to update their knowledge and a mechanism to heal the diseases as new diseases appear every day.” A commitment needed to serve the poor and the rural as they feel helpless at the time of their ill health, he added. Later he honored the Doctors and gave his blessings.

     During the discussion of the Doctors it was known that there is no substitution for the sickness as the resistance power of the drugs is getting reduced. Even the anti-biotic drugs have the effect of percentage in the body. The lifestyle of the people needs to be changed as no one has time to relax and pray. Yoga cannot help a man without  the concentration, smile and laughter.

    Dr. Biplab Bhadra said that- todays generation is living with the worries of past and future, and end their life in depression. They need to learn to live in the present by developing positive energy to face different challenges of  life.   The owner of pathology lab Dr. Arun Maity expressed his views on balanced diet and regular exercise, is the key to keep good health. Dr. Saxena expressed his concern over the commercialization of the alternate medicine.

    Fr. Maria Stephen, the PRO appreciating the dedicated service on the occasion of -Doctors Day said that – Doctors are providing their expertise services to whole humanity. Indian Doctors have a great reputation all over the world.   We gain confidence when we are in good health and thus the doctors play a vital role for humanity. These days the doctors feel insecure in their service as the society fails to respect and recognized them. The young doctors need to learn many things from the senior doctors as the healing ministry is slowly getting into commercialized.

    Dr. U.C. Saxena, Dr. Biplab Bhadra, Dr. Sr. Shobha, Dr. Arun Maity, Dr. Rajan,  Dr. Karan Peepre, Dr. Prashant Yadav and  many other doctors from Bhopal city were present.


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