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    Archdiocese of Bhopal Celebrated World Population Day

    Archdiocese of Bhopal in collaboration with Carmel Convent Sr. Sec. School, BHEL, Bhopal organized a workshop on “Sustainable Population Growth” on the occasion of World Population Day. Archbishop Leo Cornelio in his key note address to the students of Carmel School said “We have sufficient resources to sustain the population with human dignity, but we lack ‘will power’ to distribute   those resources equally to the humanity. Thus we look at the population growth in a negative way to destroy the creation and the plan of God.” Archbishop asked the students to take the responsibility of protecting the constitution to live and let live the humanity. 

    Ms Bhakti Sharma, the village Sarpanch and President Awardee said in his address “Humans are an integral part of environment. Numerous factors affect our environment which includes anthropogenic activities such as urbanization, industrialization, deforestation and use of fossil fuels and natural disasters such as earthquakes, cyclones and floods. She asked the students to help at least one person who is need of either job or education to promote equality with quality.”

    There were 13 students from class 9th, 10,th 11th and 12th  came forward to express their views on “Sustainable Population Growth” .The students in one voice said the need of protecting environment to Empower People and Developing Nations.

    “More than 99% of the world’s food supply comes from the land, while less than 1% is from oceans and other water bodies. The continued protection of an adequate food supply is directly dependent on the maintenance of biodiversity” – Archi Singh, 9th F.

    “Disease and malnutrition problems in the developing countries are affecting the life of the poor seriously” – Arya Singh, 10th A.

     “Population growth can be advantageous only if the young population learns the skill sets required and take advantage of the global job market”. – Sukriti, 11th D.

    Fr. Maria Stephen, the PRO said in his introduction to the topic “celebrating world population day increases awareness on global population issues and to raise them internationally. The population growth is determined mainly by birth rate, death rate and migration patterns. The main objective of the World Population Day is to educate people about implication of growing population and to empower youth to handle their responsibilities towards social progress, ensuring a life of security, dignity and opportunity.

    There were 100 students present to play an active role in the seminar.  All the student speakers were awarded for their spontaneous thought provoking speech. The PR Office thanked Sr. Anupa, the Principal of Carmel Convent School for conducting such awaken Seminar for the students.


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