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Archdiocese of Bhopal in collaboration with Mount Carmel School, Bagmugalia, organized a workshop on “The impact of social media on the life of students” at school’s auditorium this Monday. The programme began with prayer song followed by lighting the lamp.

Archbishop Leo Cornelio SVD reminded the students that the new inventions are meant for development of oneself and the society. At the same time certain destructive mentally of some add fake news, violence to destroy the values of the society. The attitude of being silent and indifference of the some towards violence helps the evil to destroy the country. He asked the students to be more alert to defeat the destructive mind of the people.

There were around 14 students both boys and girls to speak three minutes on the advantages and disadvantages of the social media.  

 “Social media can be used to spread awareness and information that can bring people who have similar interests of making a change in the society together” – Ann Maria ‘X’

 ‘ Social media is not as social as you think, but it isolates you from conscious world’ – Hardik Sahu X.

“ Social Media continues to be harmful unless something is done about it. The power it has over people is dangerous and often it goes unnoticed” – Diksha Raghuvanshi, XI B

“Leading apps related to social media has been developed by developed countries for developing countries like India. Therefore inventions of such apps are conspiracy of super powers to distract the young mind to create a hurdles” – Atharv Joshi, XI

Fr. Maria Stephen, the P.R.O. congratulated the school management, staff and students for the enthusiasm to organize such a motivate workshop to promote linguistic intelligence. He asked the students to develop oral communication skills with parents, friends and media editors to avoid getting addicted to social media. Sr Merine CMC, the principal, Fr. Shaji, Asst PRO, Sudhir Sharma, the co-ordinator and the staff of the public relations office and the school besides good number of students was present to witness the programme.