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Archdiocese of Bhopal celebrated “All Souls Day” on Saturday by offering special Mass and Prayers for the departed souls at Bhadbada and Bairagarh cemeteries at 7:30 am and 4:30 pm respectively.

Archbishop Most Rev. Leo Cornelio said in his homily that ‘’any death has a purpose in life. Today we remember our beloved ones who passed away from us. Though their deaths were very saddening and unforgettable yet we have come together to pray for them is because our faith in Jesus, who said ‘I am the Resurrection and Life’.
Those who live on earth can amend their sinful lives and live righteously. They can't pray for themselves and do anything to repair their sins. But we can help them through our prayers and sacrifices.” We are expected to pray for our loved ones and do charitable works in their name and thus through our efforts, God grants them the eternal life. This is our Christian Faith, he added.

Fr. Maria Stephen, the PRO said that - whether we are alive or dead, we are all belonged to one family, the body of Christ. Thus we need to pray for the departed souls, everyday for their Eternal Rest. The most common idea of death is that it is the end of life. Many fear death, because it involves venturing into the realm of the unknown. Today's celebration reminds us that Death is not the end but merely an entry to eternal life.
 Fr. Edward Francis thanked all those who helped to arrange a prayerful evening. There were many priests, Sisters and laity gathered in the above cemeteries to pray for the dead.