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The Catholic Christian community of Bhopal Archdiocese along with  all the Catholic bishops of M.P., religious representatives of different religions, Fathers, Sisters and laity gathered together on 5 December in the campus of Assumption Church, Ashaniketan, Arera Colony to condemn strongly the atrocities and violence against the vulnerable women and children in the society.

As we all know the recent rise in rape and cruel incidents against the women and children in the country made the Christian community to condemn with strongest words and asked to respect the gender equality.

His Excellency A.A. Durairaj SVD, the Bishop of Khandwa explained the gathering in detail about the systematic violence against women and children and said it is shocking and unfortunate.

Archbishop Leo Cornelio SVD condemned the violence with strongest words ever and asked the community to rise above all the petty issues and stand united to promote peace and justice in the society. He motivated the Christian community to do all the way possible in joining likeminded NGOs to prevent any sorts of violence can it be organized or unorganized violence or domestic violence in nuke and corner of the society. Quoting the Bible His Grace said Jesus loved the children and asked the disciples not to stop them coming to him to promote gender equality. He invoked Gods intervention to save the vulnerability.

People expressed their sentiments by burning candles through March for the victims of different incidents that rocked the country recently. In this meeting, people condemned unanimously the rising incidents of crime against women and small children.

The P.R.O. of Bhopal Archdiocese Fr. Maria Stephen anchored the programme saying violence do takes place due to poverty, unemployment, depression and low self esteem. The citizens are needed to be empowered right from the slum families, schools and worship places to enhance self esteem of the people.

Fr. Biju, the secretary of CCMP thanked the gathering and the programme ended with benediction of all the bishops.