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M.P. Bishop’s Conference was held

M.P. Bishops’ conference was held from 9th to 10th august 2016, at Pastoral Centre, Arera Colony, Bhopal. The theme of the conference was ‘being a compassionate and poor church, for the poor’. On the first day the interaction was held between all 9 catholic Bishops’ of MP, major Superiors and directors from different religious institutions. At the end, some concrete plans of actions on how to pray with and for persons who are sick and troubled. To use the mass media to highlight justice issues, help those who suffer the most, to care for AIDS patients, Migraines’ and Refugees. The participants were also sharing their difficulties in their ministries specially Education, Health, Social and Cultural departments.

On second day the different secretaries of various commissions presented their annual report based on their experience. All were free to give their suggestions, inputs and modifications to do their ministries creatively. There were 150 participants present for the conference. The conference came to end at 6PM with a short prayer.