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Archdiocese of Bhopal celebrated “All Souls Day” on 2nd November 2016. Special Mass and Prayers were offered for the departed souls at Bhadbada Cemetery at 7:30am followed by in Beragarh Cemetery at 4:30pm. 

Archbishop Most Rev. Dr. Leo Cornelio said in his address that our life on this earth is a mystery and these can be solved through faith in God and in our relationship with one another. We are all live temporarily on the earth without any guarantee, where as other material things have their durability. Therefore he asked all the people to concentrate upon the quality of our relationship with one another without compromising any values. The Lord will ask us what we did to our neighbours not on what we accumulated, he added.

 Fr. Maria Stephen, PRO, said that the Church is a family whether you live or dead. We are all belong to the same family. Therefore it is our duty to remember our dear departed brothers and sisters for their Eternal Rest. Large numbers of people were gathered in both the Cemeteries to pray for their dear departed dear ones. 

Fr. Tobias thanked all the volunteers and helpers who made this event memorable one. Fr. Arul Samy supervised entire arrangement.