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Archdiocese of Bhopal along with the Counsellors, Activity Teachers, Psychologists and Volunteers organised three hours long interaction with  Archbishop Leo Cornelio to create crisis intervention cell to help the society in preventing suicides. The meeting began with a short prayer and introduction by PRO, Fr. Maria Stephen and welcomed the august gathering to make   concrete plan of action to promote crises intervention cell. Dr. Reena Rajput gave a Power Point Presentation on Myth and Facts, causes, its prevention and tips on Suicide tendency.

Most Rev. Leo Cornelio chaired the meeting with 200 volunteers and counsellors based on the power point presentation to chalk out concrete plan of action to promote crisis intervention cell. Archbishop said in his address that- we gain knowledge but we keep it for ourselves leading to limiting oneself to others in relationship to the family and the school environment to promote better standard of life. We tend to leave out the poor, weak and downtrodden. His Grace asked the group to be an example of Good Shephered   who finds the lost sheep by leaving behind 99 sheeps. In the process an action   committee was formed, Centre places were identified, workforce was created to address parents, students and teachers, besides the tips for the teachers to observe and identify stressful students. Two days training programme will be conducted for all the volunteers, counsellors and educationists to promote conscious awareness towards the just cause. Dr. L S Hardenia said in his address –the present system and the growth of the modern society gives immense stress in the minds of people. Finally the gathering lighted a candle each to mark the beginning of its crisis intervention cell, to mark their readiness, to promote the right to live. Fr. Maria Stephen said in his address that- this is the noble job to come voluntarily to join the initiative of the Archdiocese. It is like putting a drop in the ocean. He wished that this Cell will connect different walks of life to live in dignity. Ms Anusha Uikey, the social worker coordinated the meeting. Fr. Florence thanked the participants and the staff of PR Office for their willingness to promote the noble cause.