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In view of 32nd Anniversary of Bhopal gas tragedy, Bhopal Archdiocese organized a prayer service for the victims of gas tragedy by spending five minutes silence followed by Bhajan, reflection and lighting of the candles. 

After paying tribute to the victims, Archbishop Leo Cornelio said in his message that more awareness towards any human tragedy is in need of the hour. It is observed that the victims of the tragedy continue to suffer without end. Humanities should extend material, spiritual and psychological support to uplift the victims who feel helpless and hopeless in their lives.

Fr. Maria Stephen, the P.R.O. asked the people to become the environmental conscious to spread love, peace and prosperity. Each human person is a gift conscious of itself. And destroying environment for the sake of survival is a poisonous Gift to the Giver, he added.  

There were many Priests, Sisters, Social workers and laity participated in the ceremony of homage to the victims of gas tragedy.