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Examples of human kindness and Mercy

Highest level of patient care is being provided in five hospitals of Bhopal Archdiocese : Devmata Hospital, Mother Clara Hospital Asha Niketan Hospital, St. Joseph's Hospital, Hoshangabad and Pushpa Hospital, Ashta which are operating under the umbrella of Archdiocese. Many patients are being treated for multiple and complex diseases with extreme care. It is believed that the diseases can be tackled more effectively through the patient care, which most of the hospitals lack now a days.

Compassion and comfort are the cornerstones of care. By catering to every segment of the society and providing every facility across disciplines under one roof, these hospitals under the umbrella of Archdiocese, seek to streamline the process and bring smiles on the faces of everyone, who walks through the doors of these hospitals. The hospitals themselves are designed to shatter every negative stereotype; there is no claustrophobia here, only bright space; no darkness, only light; no grimness, only hope. With a deliberately low bed ratio ensuring more space, these hospitals seek to provide every patient dignity, comfort, convenience and privacy they deserve.

Today, the hospitals under the umbrella of I Archdiocese are offering medical treatment to thousands of patients each year and slowly expand its reach to the remotest corner of the regions, where still there are many, who lack access to the affordable medical treatment. These hospitals manage to live up to the very high ethical and professional standards. The Health Ministry Commission of Archdiocese of Bhopal assists in reclaiming the gospel of health and wholeness. 'Health and wholeness' means different things to different people. But at the core it must be a conscious daily effort to balance and develop our spiritual, physical and emotional well being. Focusing on prevention of HIV/AIDS and Malaria in high prevalence areas and at the same time, reducing impact of HIV/AIDS and Malaria.

HIV/ Aids Archdiocese of Bhopal Creates

Awareness about the symptoms, causes and preventive measures of HIV/AIDS , providepractical, spiritual and emotional support for people living with HIV and their friends, family , loved ones, and all people impacted by the loss of AIDS.

Mission is to increase understanding and awareness HIV and AIDS through education and help in preserving the dignity and enhance the quality of life of persons and families affected by this disease.